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Hi, and welcome to the power washing world podcast, where I talk all about power washing. I'm your host Hunter Barkhorn today's episode, we'll be talking about how to get a good start to your power washing business. Being able to get a head start in knowing the ins and outs of this industry, as well as my thoughts from my successes. 

Now, when I started off my business, the first thing I did was get used to my power washer. I started to learn it, know how to turn it on and off, know where the gas is, know where the oil is, know how to put in my gun for my power washer. I learned everything and yes, this might take you five, 10 minutes, but it's just a great place to start and know how your power washer works so that you won't ever have to look up a video or you won't be wasting your time on trying to figure something out in the future. So this is a great place to start in just getting to know your power washer. 

So with jobs you want to be in and out efficiently before you even start power washing other houses, I believe that the best way to go about beginning is power washing your own house. This is a great way to get practice without worrying about messing up, because it is your own house after all. And yes, your parents might yell at you, but it's okay. They'll get past it. So when I first started, I went around my whole house, power, washing everything, and my parents loved it. So it's a win-win for both of us, you get your practice that you need in power, washing different surfaces, such as maybe a wooden chair. I  power washed my patio, some of the driveway to get Moss up. I power wash all types of different things so that I know I could do every job efficiently and well without messing it up. 

I also power wash the side of my house too, just in case I got jobs or I had to power wash houses because I know a lot of power washers mainly do patios and floors like that stuff instead of houses, because houses are definitely a lot more difficult than patios, cuz the paint will come up in everything. So I highly recommend in starting with your house, just in case you're thinking about doing houses or anything so that you know how to do it, cuz you did it already and you won't, you won't not get paid because you messed up cuz it's your own house. So it's a win-win in general. Now when I first started, when I felt comfortable power washed my house, I knew about my power washer. I knew everything. I started to get jobs. So when I would get the jobs, I would charge less money for when I was starting because I mean, yes, I know what I was doing. 

I knew what I was doing, but was I doing it the best I possibly could? Maybe not, but I was still doing a good job. So I think it's best within the first five to 10 jobs, you get just charge less one. You charge less because you're not a pro yet. And you might never be, but it's just good to start off as charging less. Another reason I charged less was because clients are more willing to hire you when you charge less money. And yet maybe I started with a small patio. I only charged them 40 to $50, right? But say in a month or two, when I get that small patio, again, I'm charging 80 to a hundred because now I know that I will not mess up and and I think that my skill should get that amount of money. So that's why I think there's a skill barrier where there's money involved, that you should have a lower price. 

So for the first five to 10 jobs, just start off small, start off, giving them a discount. And then after that start raising your prices. And this definitely worked well with me and made me get more clients. Now another key thing to do when you're starting up and I will tell everyone this constantly, if you wanna have a great business for power washing, make an Instagram and post befores and afters. This is a great way to show your customers as well as future clients, what you have done and how their patio or house may look after. So I'll take pictures of like the dirtiest places that I've power washed and show them how clean and brand new. It looks, making people more interested in hiring me because of cuz they get the visual, they get the visual of my work. So I feel as if, when people see your work, they're more willing to hire you, hire you than just listening. 

So this is key to making Instagram and just start sharing it with your friends, making people post about you because clients love to see the befores and afters. Now, when you do post on that Instagram, I would tell you to just post the super dirty ones and the mild ones to then when they're clean, because the you'll, you will get some clients where their patios or, or whatever they want you to power wash. Isn't super dirty, but you still clean it. And there's like a slight change. I would kind of stay away from those. Although the client might be happy with that. I feel as it's not a huge enough change to make people go, wow. So I would just stick to the, the, the super dirty ones when you're, uh, posting on your Instagram of the before and afters. 

So after all of that, you might be thinking now, how do I get clients? So this is where you start to market and advertise your brand. When I first started, it was definitely slow. I got jobs once a week, maybe twice, if I was lucky, the jobs just were not flowing in yet. I, so the main thing that helped me go from one to two jobs to four to five a week was get business cards. This is one of the few things that helped me tremendously get business cards. They are a great way in spreading your brand and getting clients. So I highly recommend getting business cards. And once you get those business cards, you're probably thinking, well, I have business cards. What do I do now? So for me, when I was, uh, about an 17, 16 year old kid, I got the business cards and I would just walk around my neighborhood, going to everyone's mailbox, just dropping them off. 

It's that easy. Doesn't take any skill in doing that. You might be, I was younger. So I was, I didn't really want to talk to people as much because I was nervous, but in the long run, I'm happy. I did talk to people. So when I was doing that, I would just throw them in the mailboxes, go up to every door, throw them in, just put them everywhere. And I just started to get calls left and right. So this definitely helped me a lot. And I highly recommend that. And on top of that, I would bring them everywhere. I go always keep them in my car. So when I'm walking around the streets, Hey, you wanna, you need a power washer. Here's my cart. Walk into businesses. I'll do your sidewalk and make your store look even cleaner than it is now. Give them business cards so that they always have my cell phone. 

So that definitely helped me go from one to two jobs a week to three to four and maybe even five a week. So this was a great way in growing my business and just getting my name out there. And as well as I would wear a shirt and I made these shirts, me and my friend, when we started up our company, it was called wash U and we made these shirts and we put our numbers on the back of them so that everywhere we walked, it's just a free ad. We're just marketing our brand. And yes, we maybe got like one to two calls because of that. But people are looking at those shirts and they're like, all right, you know what, let me give that a try. So it's just great to always be marketing your brand in any way you possibly can. And I think that helped us immensely. 

So now after that, so in advertising, this does not work out well when you go, what works out very well. When you go is the old fashioned way going door to door sales. Now this was probably the easiest and the best way at getting clients. And now when I say easiest, I mean like nine outta 10 people will hire you. It's easy in that form because yes, I was a kid when I did it. And I did not like talking to people that much for this business, as well as in life, no matter how much you try and get around it, you will have to talk to people forever. So getting practice now is just great. So I highly recommend go door to door. Don't be scared of talking to people. The worst they can say is no, nothing bad will happen to you. So just go door to door, knock on the doors. 

They come out. Now, what I like to do is look around their front yard and see if I can find any bad places where they definitely need a power wash and I'd bring them around. I'd be like, oh, hi, Mr. I'm here for power washing. You mind coming out here and let me showing you what I can do to your house to make it better. And they'd be like, you know what? Yeah, let me come right out and I'd bring them to, let's just say their front, their front walk or the side of their house where they didn't even know that that was so dirty. And I would show them that. And when I showed them that they'd be like, wow, I never knew how dirty it was. And I'd show them pictures and be like, you see this, I can turn it into that. 

And they'd be like, fine. Let's do it. And I would get them just like that because they see the starting result and the ending result. And when you bring them outside to show them how dirty their place actually is, they realize, and they're like, wow, it really is bad. Let me get that cleaned. So going door to door and like being with them face to face is probably the best thing you possibly can do to, to get more clients. Because yes, when I do get clients like on phone calls, I'm still gonna go to their house and check it out. I'm not just gonna say, okay, I'll be there tomorrow at nine and start the job. I will. That, that's another key advice for you guys. Never take a job on the phone. Say if they're like, oh, I was wondering if you could do this power washing job for me, it's a small patio or a medium size patio. 

Now what you're thinking in your head might be completely different. So say, okay, I might take this job. Can I come over tomorrow to do, um, an estimate? So estimates are the best way to get yourself out of trouble because some places you might not be able to do or want to do. So you can just be like, I don't think I can do this job. So don't ever say on the phone without seeing the property yes. To a job, always go for an estimate to look around the property, see what you like. And you don't like, so that is key to starting your business as well. Now, one thing that I would recommend if you want, I'm not telling you to do it. I would donate some of my money to charity. So I donated my money to St. Jude's children's hospital. Now a lot more people would hire me when they heard this, because they're like, wow, that's amazing. 

Now I don't do it just because of that to get more clients. I did it because when I made this company with my friend, our thought was like, how can we make a extra money as well as help other people? So we're like, you know what? Let's just donate 5% of our money to St. J's children's hospital. And we thought it was a great idea. So we ran with it. And when people see that they will hire you more. Now I didn't do it because of that. I just wanted to help out. But it's just, it's a great thing to do. And I'm not telling you to do this, but it is a great way to get more clients and to just help other people in general, giving to charities is an amazing thing. And I'm very glad that I did that. So now one thing that really made this job fun for me was always having someone there with me. 

Now, I'm not telling you guys to go get a partner right now or anything, cuz if you're doing it alone and it's working well for you, keep it like that. Don't fix what's broke. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. . So when I first started, it was just myself, right? It was boring. It would go slow, nothing. There was nothing really going forth. Yes. I made a lot of money, but I made the same amount. If not more, because let's say one day it took me 30 minutes to do a small patio and I get paid 50 bucks. Now you're still getting paid 50 bucks or you're getting, you're getting paid 50, but you split it 25, 25. But that property only took me 10 to 15 minutes because I had another guy and another power washer. And on top of that, it just makes the day go by faster. 

when we did long properties, we would take breaks and hang out with each other, have some laughs get right back to work. So it's just great to have a partner there. And I'm not telling you to get one, but I'm telling you for me, this worked out so well in having a partner because he ended up being one of my best friends as well. And I'd be sitting around when I, when I first started no partner, nothing, I'd be bored. I'd just be like, man, I really wanna finish this up. Now I would wanna finish up that job just as much, but what kept me there and kept me going, was having a friend there because it, it just worked out so well. We would both switch off. Well, we'd start off with both of our power washers. I'd be in the front, he'd be in the back depending on like the property. And we would just go at it and it would take us even less than half the time to do it. And it just worked out so well. So if you were ever thinking about getting a partner, a two man team, I highly recommend it. It is a great way to speed up the jobs and actually kind of make them fun and make you want to be there cuz you're doing it with someone else. 

And um, yeah. So after that I would, I got one more thing to tell all of you and then I'm gonna wrap this up. But um, yeah. So one last thing that I actually worked out super well and we didn't even think it would was we would get jobs in the middle of our town. So like the first place we did was this pizza shop. They're like front steps in sidewalk was kind of dirty and it's right. Smack D in the middle of town, I'd power wash it. We were power washing there. Me and my friend wearing our shirts to advertising the amount of people that came up to us in town and be like, Hey, can you come, uh, to my house and power wash my back patio. I'd be like, yeah. And this is why I tell you to have your business cards on you at all times, just pull it outta my pocket, give it right to them and say, gimme a call. 

We will answer and call you back for an estimate. And they'd be like, okay. And it was perfect. Cuz so many people would be walking by seeing our work, being done from it, going to dirty, to clean. And they'd be like, man, I need that for my front steps. So it's just great to do power washing in an open space where there's a lot of people cuz it'll catch their eyes and it'll make them want to do that for themselves. So I would try your hardest to get one or two jobs in the middle of your town. Even if it's just doing the sidewalk, just doing it in front of people and having your business carts there. It just, it's just great. It worked very well. We, we weren't even expecting that. We just went doing our job, but I'd say at least 10, 10, 15 people came up to us that day just asking for us to go to their house. So it worked out perfect. So I recommend trying to get a job in your town. 

And um, the last thing I'd have to say probably is just being young and making connections is amazing. Not only for this job, but just for your life in general. And I'd say to try and start. If you had a thought in your mind of starting your power washing business, whether you're 14 or 20, I would start it as soon as possible. People are more willing to take a younger kid, a young entrepreneur than they are to like an older person because they're like they see a young kid trying to make a living, trying to get some money and they're be like, you know what? This, kid's got some hustle I'm gonna choose him and I'm gonna feel good about choosing him because I'm gonna be giving him money. And he's probably gonna do just as good as a job as a, the professional, maybe a little bit less, but it's just great to start young because people love hiring you when you're young. That that's my last thing. And I know I can't change your age, but all I have to say is just start as young as you can. So if you ever thought about doing it, do it now, do it while you're young. So that's my podcast, my first episode for today. And thank you for being here. See you.

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Does and Don'ts of Power washing: Episode #2


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Welcome to the power washing world podcast, where I talk all about power washing. I'm your host Hunter Barkhorn on today's episode, we'll be talking about the does and don'ts of power washing. I will split this episode up into four parts, the dos and don'ts of getting clients, setting up your job site during power washing and finishing up and leaving the job. I have been in this power washing business for about four to five years now. 

I started off my business with one of my friends who also did not wanna sit around all summer long and waste his time. We decided to call our business wash you. And we started from there throughout these years. I have had a lot of failures as well as successes. This is why I am talking to you guys today and helping you out and getting a head start, letting you know what to do and what not to do 

With getting clients. One thing I suggest not to do is take a job over the phone. This can lead to many problems as well as you may even undercharge them, never accept a job over the phone. It will most likely, never end well. So what I do when I get phone calls is I'll tell the person that I'm willing to do the job. However I have to come in person and see it. I need to give you, I need to get an estimate. I have to visually see it so that I know I can do this. And I know what to charge because over the phone, a small patio can sound nice and easy, but next thing you know, you get over to the house and you see it's a big mess, super dirty, and you realize you've undercharged them. So that's why when I deal with over the phone calls, I always tell them I'm willing to do it. However I have to come over and get an estimate so that I know how dirty it is, how big or small it is, and if I'm willing to do it. So always tell the person you're willing to do it, but you have to come over for an estimate to finalize the deal.

So now another dont with getting clients is when going door to door, do not just go knocking on doors and asking them if they need a power wash, this rarely ever works, go door to door and show them that they need a power wash. And what I mean by that is bring them outside their house and show them that their front steps are dirty or their rails find something within their house outside of it, that's dirty so that you can bring them to it and show them that they need a power wash, find something dirty on their property to bring out this will more than likely make the customer realize that they need a power wash. 

They might have never known that their front steps were dirty or this their sidewalk was dirty to the right. But since you showed them and brought them out, they're thinking, wow, I do need a power wash. And I never notice that. So in you pointing something out to them, this will increase your odds of getting the job. So one, so that's one of the dos within getting a job, always bring them out and show them something on their property. That's dirty so that they realize the client realizes that they do need a power wash. This is key in getting clients. 

Now, one of the main dos with clients is the client is always right within this business. Always be nice to your client and do what is told. It, makes the job go faster and easier as well as in this business, some of your clients can be mean people such as me and my friend, we're doing this big job. It took us about two days to finish. Maybe even three. She said it wasn't good enough when it clearly was, but she just wanted us to do other parts, which was wrong of her. But we said fine, whatever. And we did it if we were not this , if we were not to say yes and finish something that we did not agree on, she would've never paid us. And as terrible as that sounds, we are kids. We're not taking her to court. We don't have the money for it. 

So a valuable lesson is to just say yes and finish the job to get your money. But once it's all said and done, never go back to that client again, cuz there's gonna be jerks out there. We don't live in the best of worlds nowadays. And some people will just make you go above and beyond. Even when it wasn't what you told them, you're doing for the amount of money that you're doing it for. But at the end of the day, you're not gonna find a lot of people like that. So just do it, get it over with and get paid 

Now for the next topic, the dos and don'ts of setting up your job site. So with setting up your job site, one main do is always walk around the property before scan out the property and know what you're doing first so that it doesn't take you 30 minutes to set, to just set up. One thing I like to do is look around for the water spout to make sure to hook up my hose first. And that that's all said and done. This is what I have found. Most efficient. Always have an extra hose. I've done so many properties. When I first started that their hose wasn't long enough. And even sometimes they didn't have one at all. This is not the client's fault. Either you are power washing, you're doing the job. You should always have one with you. If you are just starting up always. And I mean always have an extra hose. Once you have all your supplies and the hoses hooked up, I then bring out my power washer to where I'm going to begin. Then I hook up, I hook it all up to that house and we're ready to start, but we're not quite yet. I always fill up my gas tank before I start the job. And you guys should do that as well. I've had so many problems where either the power wash or wouldn't start because I forgot to fill it up. Or I was midway through with my job and my power washer turned off because there was no gas left. Now yes, throughout jobs, your power washer is gonna run outta gas, but always have a second source to fill it up. So speaking of that, whatever job I'm at, no matter where I am, I always have a five gallon gas can with me. This has worked well for me throughout jobs. Having this saves you a lot of time, you don't have to constantly be making trips and everything because within the five years I have been working, not once has the five gallon can gone empty on me during a job. After every job I would start, I would stop off at the gas station and fill that five gallon tank up as well as my power washer and never once has the five gallon tank been fully finished from a job in one day. So I highly recommend you guys to not only get a hose, but as well to get a five gallon gas can, 

One main don't for setting up your job is starting your job without moving furniture or toys off the patio or deck that you are doing. I have messed up many times and it just wastes your time in leaving it there. Not only do you have to move it while power washing, but you also have to it at the end, it gets pretty dirty from all the dirt flying and splashing onto it from the power washer and you cleaning the surface. So before every job I take everything off the patio that I'm doing and I put it far away from what I'm doing so that I won't have to spend extra time cleaning off this furniture or the toys at the end of my job, because at the end of the job, no one wants to be doing extra work. They just want to clean up and go home. So before every job take the furniture off, it saves so much time. Take it off, put it far away so that you know, the dirt won't hit it when you're done, put it back. And it's easy as that. It not only works faster, but it's more efficient 

Now onto the next topic, the dos and don'ts while power washing throughout your job. Now, one main don't is getting too close to the surface. This is why safer beginners to power wash their house. First, you are going to their house to clean it, not break it. I've messed up a few times from going too close. So I advise you to find a good distance from the ground that you are comfortable with and no will not damage the ground, but clean it efficiently as well as even lowering your PSI on the power washer on different surfaces. This can help out a lot. One thing that really helped me was figuring out which patios break easier than others. And for me, what I found was for stone patios that are quite new. I found that they're pretty strong and they've never broke on me. However, the old patios, some of the stone will chip off as well as the fake wood decks. 

Those will chip very easily. So for the people just starting, if you do not know what a Simpson universal scrubber is, it's a big circle accessory that goes on the power washer wand, and this thing works wonders. It's cleans a diameter of about 15 inches and it never really damaged anything, but it cleans super easy. It also doesn't hurt your back from bending over or anything, cuz it's just a circle disc on the patio. And all you do is just walk back and forth with it. And it cleans very well and it makes the job faster. 

And if you guys want to get this, the one that I used and recommend is it's called the Simpson cleaning 8 0 1 65, universal scrubber. And it's the 15 inch one. And this thing works very well. Now one main do during power washing, which I see a lot of people fail to do in using a cleaner before their jobs, this breaks down the material and makes the job super easy. Now I don't really use it on patios or decks. It is unless it's super dirty, but I use it on delicate surfaces, such as the side of the house. I see so many people, power wash and chip off a decent amount of paint. So before you start your job on delicate surfaces, especially houses, if you don't wanna damage the paint spray some cleaner on there and let it sit for a bit, then lightly rinse it off with the power washer and just like that the job is done with no damage. 

So always on houses with paint, just use a cleaner, it breaks up the material very easy for you and you just, all you have to do is just lightly rinse it off. I don't really know which one I would use, but it's not that difficult to find one. All I would do is just either go to a store like home Depot or online. You can just search up power, washing cleaner, like the chemical, and you'll easily find one, but do your research because some might mess up houses or others. So just find the best possible product you can 

Now for the final do. And don't finishing up and leaving the job site. Always have clients take a walk around to see if anything else needs to be done before packing all your stuff away. Countless times. Have I heard from other power washers leaving and the client wanting them to do a spot over again? This has happened to me once or twice, but it is just a pain to have to set everything up again. So always leave your stuff out and show your client the work you have done once. And once they're happy, you can clean up and go away. And there's been a couple times with me where you're all happy. You're done. You pack it up, put it all in your car, truck, and you're ready to go. And then you go see the client and they're like, oh, can you please just do this one little spot? And then you're like, okay, fine. But it's just so annoying because what would've taken you five minutes now it's gonna take you 15 because you have to set everything up again. And it's just, it's a pain it's really annoying. So always go up to the door, tell your client you're done. Make them take a look. And if they're satisfied, then you can clean everything up, pack it all up and leave. So always bring them out before you pack up. 

So now a do when finishing up, always do what the client asks and when you're done and did a great job and the client is happy, they will always be willing to recommend you to their friends and family. This is why you always have to be nice to everyone and all your clients and do what they ask. Cuz at the end of the job, I normally will give them a few business cards to give their friends or family so that I can get more jobs. And in the future, hopefully get their house again next year. So for this, I highly recommend to always do a great job and just be respectful and nice to your clients because this is what has helped me get more jobs. Because when you do a spectacular job, they're not just gonna keep it to their self. People are gonna come over and be like, wow, your patio looks so nice or your deck or the house. 

And they're gonna be like, yeah, I just got it. Power washed. And they're be like who it looks so good. I want that. The next thing you know, you got a new job. So I'm telling you guys always be very nice, respectful and do the best job you possibly can. And I guarantee you that they will be more than willing to offer you to their friends and family as well as always have your business cards to give them so that they can give them to their friends and family without having to fish for you as well as being nice to them and doing a great job. This is how I get more clients every year to keep calling me back. And that's what you need because if you want this job to last, not just one year, you want it to keep going for however long you want. If you just always are respectful and do a great job, they'll give you a call back that next year because they're more than willing to take you. And they know you have experience with their house cuz you just did it. So always be respectful, do a great job. And this will lead you to more clients as well as ones, the same ones the next year. 

So now this is the end of my second episode, the dues and don'ts of power washing. I'm your host Hunter Barkhorn and thank you for listening. 


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Power Washing Interview with EJ: Episode 3


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Hunter-Welcome to the Power Washing World podcast, where I talk all about power Washing. I am your host Hunter Barkhorn. On today's episode, I'll be interviewing one of my power washing amateur friends, E.J.. We'll be discussing tips and tricks as well as experiences throughout this podcast to help newcomers get the start that they need.Welcome to the podcast. So tell us about yourself. Who are you and what started you in your power washing career? How did it begin?

EJ- Hi, I'm doing great. So I started power washing when I was younger. We did it on the side for my family and I just started patios and small stuff. And then while I was landscaping, it came up a few times that in that business we also power some things. So as the power was a bit there and more recently I've been doing on the side to try and make some side money with some clients.

Hunter- Yeah, that's a great answer. I completely agree with that because especially when I was starting up my business, I started, I was like, I would do two here and there type of thing. But then I actually started getting into it because I wanted more money and just other things like that. So yeah.

Now for the next question. What do you think is the most successful thing you've done for your business in getting clients? Because I feel as if there's many people out there that start up their business and don't really know where to get clients and how to begin. So what would you say about getting clients? How did you do it there?

EJ-So for me, I started small as usual, but then I thought about it and I started using the clients from the owner of my landscaping company that I work for. I go up to them and I ask them if they needed any work done on the side. And a lot of them actually said yes. And that's how that's one way to broaden your business. So you got to look for opportunities and, um,yeah, just find work wherever you can.

Hunter- Thank you for that. Yeah. I feel as if within the power watching community, it's definitely a matter of knowing people rather than getting your name out there because, yeah, you want to get your name out there, but if you know people, they'll help you more than just you starting out yourself. So that's a good start. Thank you.

Hunter-So I've known E.J. for many years, and I know that he's been in the power washing industry for a few. So you definitely have some tips to offer these newcomers, as well as beginners that want to get started within their career. So what are some main tips that help you as well? As you know, it will help the beginners, whether it's now or in the future, become a better power washer.

EJ- Okay, so to start the number one rule, my book for using power watch a power wash, especially a gas one you have to be careful with the pressure hose because if you get it on any hot part, very hot part of the system, it will blow. And that costs money to replace in time is not worth it. You can sometimes fix it with tape, but it's only going to last so long. So that's one tip, another one. But definitely be when you're power washing on the edges of like a patio with dirt or grass.

EJ- You have to be careful with how much water you're getting on the area because then it just keeps flooding back and you have to like sort of push it out. That's another like skill. You need to understand how that all works. And also you have to get as much of the like in between the cracks and stuff you always want to. Get rid of all that dirt out of there. And, uh. Yeah. Just. Play or when you're when you are watching. Also, safety is a big concern. She'll be wearing eye protection, hearing protection and don't start off injuring yourself either.

Hunter- Yes. I think those are very good points because there has been a few times where I wasn't paying attention and my pressure hose hit the hot part of the power washer and exploded. And tape doesn't really fix it all the time because it's water pressure gun. It's a lot of pressure and then you have to go and buy a new one. But I have another question for you with in the protection now you said where eye protection, all that stuff. Have you ever been hit with a rock or anything or stuff flying back at you to where you were like, Wow, I needed this protection?

EJ- Funny story. Personally, I've never been hit with power washing too violently, but for me, because I'm a landscaper, I take like that safety first approach because I've had especially like this is a little off topic, but stuff will get launched into your eyes and you wouldn't think like a rock the size of almost like a pannier and even a penny sized rock could be flown into your eye. And I've had it hit my glasses before. So it's this the same You want to take the same precautions with power washing because you never know.And also if using a gas engine, those are very loud and over time you're hearing it can possibly damage your hearing. So, yes, I think taking those precautions are very worth it.

Hunter- Yes. And I agree with that because many times have I been shot in the face with some dirt coming back and it didn't feel good, but good thing I wear glasses, so I didn't really have to worry about the eye protection there. So yeah.

Hunter- What are some pieces of advice that you would give to someone starting out in this career?

EJ- So I would say this is a very accessible career to get into. You don't have to do it full time. You can do it on the side. You could do however you want. So if you really think about, just go for it. It's not too expensive. And finding clientele, it can be easier than you think,especially if it's just on the side. So I would also say, um. The when you're buying equipment, some of it can be expensive, but definitely don't cheap out, especially if you're really thinking about this because over time you're going to be buying new equipment anyway. So you might as well get the longest or the best equipment to run the longest for you.

Hunter- Thank you for that, E.J.. And going off of that, when you first started your power washing career, did you ever once think, oh, I can't do this or it's too hard for me?

EJ- There's always times where you think this isn't worth it. But I think if you just keep pushing through like I have it, it normally works out. Especially, again, this is a easier career to start. So yeah.

Hunter- Yeah. And I agree with that because I feel as if a lot of people they first started and they don't think that they can be the best that there is. But within this job, everyone's different. No one's specifically the best. Everyone has their own skill set and that's perfectly okay.

EJ- Yeah, definitely. Like in the end of the day, it's just cleaning a surface, like you're going to get it clean no matter how you do it.

00:08:41:17 - 00:08:45:11

Hunter- Exactly. So now for the next question.

So now are you self-taught or did someone else teach you in this power washing career?

EJ- So the basics. My father definitely taught me how to, like, start the machine, just general use. But you just learn the tricks of the trade over time. So definitely more self-taught. Like you just figure out, like, how to use the the wash it, the broom and like or like how the angle, the pressure washer to make sure it's like not spraying up at you or spraying too far. It just comes with the time.

Hunter- So would you say that basically anyone could power a wash the same? However, the accessories that you do after and before the job are kind of like you get taught that. You teach that yourself throughout throughout the time.

EJ- Yes, definitely the extras you learn with time, but when you first start, it's more so. It's taking you longer to do things because you don't understand it fully and over time it gets quicker and quicker and that's where you definitely become more proficient.

Hunter-Yup. And I completely agree with that answer.

So. What are a couple of your failures in your power washing career that you've learned a lot from and gained experience from it?

EJ- As mentioned before, I would say everyone's bound to break, especially if you're only using a gas one. It happens sometimes you'll break a cord, a pressure washer, and I've had that before where it only partially broke and I taped it and you know, water was just going everywhere, but I was still pushing through the job and end up working out, but, you know, always carry a spare. That's another tip. But the other another one is definitely when you're or I was going over a patio or no, it was a driveway and there was moss and just like dirt and green stuff and sometimes when you're going through it. So I went through it once and by the time I was on the other side, the other side of dry where I started and I came back to that, I looked at it and just wasn't like to the quality that I would expect myself or what the standard of just being done. So I had to go through it again. And this is when I was starting and. A tip to not let that happen is when you're going through it the first time, always looking at different angles. Sometimes the sun is out and sometimes what it's not like. You just have to really keep an eye out and look pretty hard to make sure it's clean. And it can be deceiving sometimes, but you'll figure it out with time.

Hunter- Yeah, those are great tips because especially for the second one, I'd say even people who've been doing it for a few years still have this problem. Because when I used to power wash. There would always be some times where I'm done and there's still a few spots left. But then over time I figured out to look at it from different angles of the sun and everything, because when it's when the sun's on it, it's harder to see. So that's a great tip. And I highly recommend to all of you to do that. Just look at it at different angles. It'll definitely save you time as well.

EJ- And another one would be or what happened was I was hitting a surface with paint on it and started chipping paint. So that was pretty bad. And, uh, but to fix that and to not have a problem happen is you just put cleaner on it before you coat this. The surface, the pain, the surface of the wall, and you just lightly go over it so you don't chip the pain or break any. That goes for all very fragile and like damage of all surfaces.

Hunter- Now I know that the power washing community is niche. But have you ever seen power washing people outside? Like on the Internet, mate? Trying to make something of themselves?

00:13:14:15 - 00:13:39:26

EJ- Well, I've never seen , like,  videos yet. I'm sure they're out there. I have actually seen a video game that is focused around only power washing, and I got a pretty good laugh out of it when I first saw it. Yeah, it was very I saw it on a twitch stream, was very realistic in the way it was going about it. Like they were really taking it to another level with like the simulation of the power wash is very funny.

Hunter- That is very funny to me, especially because who wants to be doing their job after they finish their job, you know? But, um, so I agree with that because I've also seen these videos and I actually want your opinion on this. I've seen these TikTok videos of them power washing, and they're very nice videos to watch. Like it's, it's just a great video to watch because they, like, kind of calms you down, you know? But the one thing I want to talk to you about with that is people that are making these tiktoks are getting millions of views and likes and they're probably making a decent amount of money from this.

So how do you feel about people doing their job, making money and recording it and making extra money?

EJ- It's definitely a smart play because I have seen other, um, take or just videos like short clips in general that are not power washing but like cleaning surfaces or small like surfaces with like lasers or like something. And I think that what you're looking for is they're very satisfying to watch. And um, I would agree that being able to post videos of that like, and just make money off of it is actually a very good strategy and good idea because why not? It's pretty simple and straightforward.

Hunter- Yeah. And one thing I just thought of as you were saying that is it's a great idea also because they're just advertising and marketing themselves. So if any, because I know a lot of older people are on TikTok, believe it or not, they could be on TikTok one day and find this kid on there. And he's got millions of views and they're like, Oh, I could trust this guy. Let me hire him. So I think it's a great way of advertising yourself as well.

So nowadays, with all the new technology and everything, I have a gas powered power washer and I know other people have electric. So what are your thoughts? Between gas and electric power washers?

EJ- So personally, I've been using gas for a while and I still do. But I have, um, on side occasions use borrowed and used electric ones and they're very quiet and very efficient for the size. So if you're just doing a small business or just, you know, for your family or small stuff, I would definitely recommend the new electric ones. They have plenty of firepower, but. In the end of the day, I believe that gas and power washes are more powerful, even though the noise and the use of gas.

And yea. And the other problem with electric is that you need to have an outlet, obviously. So that's a problem, too. If you are so you have to either run an extension cord or you just need to know where outlets are. So for a professional sense, I would definitely still say gas is the way to go. But on the more like home end, I would say electric is really coming up and a very good option.

Hunter-So would you say that the electric one is also more environmentally friendly than the gas?

EJ- I would assume so. They probably use less power. So even if it is can or will be connected to the electric grid, it's not going to be using as much power as theoretically as a gas would. So definitely the eco friendly option if you're into that.

Hunter- And one last question about this topic. Would you say you save more money with the electric one than gas? And if so, do you think it's that much of a difference?

EJ- You're probably going to save money using electric, but I would say it's minimal at best. So it's really depending on you should be choosing on scenario, Rather than money.

Hunter- Now we're coming to an end on this podcast. So, E.J., for your last and final question, would you prefer to work alone or by yourself as well as what have you been doing in your career?

EJ- So there's definitely nothing wrong with working alone or in a team. But one thing I will say is, personally, I would like to work alone in like a certain sector of the job site. So say there's multiple patios and multiple areas. It's definitely, in my opinion, more efficient to just have one person work in one area, because sometimes when you have more than one person that gets in the way or it just doesn't really work out, it can. But you got to be you got to play it smart. And, uh, that's it.

Hunter- So going off of that Um, I agree and disagree with you in a sense, because my whole power watching career, I always worked with someone. Mm hmm. But, um, would you say no? I agree with you that. Yeah, you can get in each other's way, however. Would you say that think that you would go faster with working with someone else? Or do you think it would be like kind of the same?

EJ- I have worked with someone else and it's definitely faster if again, you do it the correct way and you're just working in zones and not bumping into each other and because you will get dirty. But that's just how it is.

Hunter- Okay. And thank you, E.J., for being on this podcast. I had a great time with you and thank you to everyone listening to this. This will be my last and final podcast. Thank you all for everything. Bye

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